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Career Guidance

In relation to the delivery of careers guidance to year 8 to 13 pupils in accordance with Section 42A of the Education Act 1997 HHELC provides the following information for the 2019-2020 academic year.

HHELC recognises the importance of having careers advice and preparing all students for their next steps. HHELC offer a personalised approach designed to support students and help them make informed choices about their career paths.

Within our curriculum offer it is our intention that students will work towards possessing the necessary characteristics needed in future employment. We define these as follows:

Employability Characteristics

  1. Invest in themselves, recognise their own strengths and values and take responsibility for developing their work readiness, skills and behaviours (Self-motivated) 
  2. Have the tools and skills required to present themselves to a future employer, and the belief that with the right dedication and effort, they deserve to achieve (Self-assured)
  3. Have high aspirations for themselves, strive to be the best they can be and set ambitious goals (Aspirational)
  4. Understand the opportunities available to them locally and beyond, and to make realistic choices (Informed)
  5. Able to analyse a task or problem and offer a range of solutions, thinking creatively and evaluating options (Problem solvers)
  6. Able to speak and write articulately, engagingly and accurately as well as listening carefully, with the ability to adapt to different purposes and audiences (Communicators)
  7. Understand their strengths and weaknesses and give thought to how they are developing, understand their interests and passions, and what is important to them (Reflective)
  8. Understand that employers want young people who can listen and learn from their successes and their mistakes and keep going (Resilient)
  9. Work creatively to achieve their potential and that of the business, recognise the importance of using their initiative (Enterprising)
  10. Understand how to be an effective team member and take on a range of roles within a group (Co-operative)
 1. A stable careers programme / Learning from career and labour market informationFutures:
Careers Coach, Intensive Careers Support NEET and YP Team
57 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham NG1 6GE
0115 960 1877
07918 906 128
PSHE/Citizenship modules
 2. Addressing the needs of each studentFutures / in house 1-1 meetings for students Support for all learners with college, apprenticeship and traineeship placements CV support Travel route support: home to college and college to home Individualised AIM awards around career planning, work experience and employability
 4. Linking curriculum learning to careersAIMS Award Programme: for example, within Career Planning Module one study provides our students with the knowledge and skills required to select a vocation and work towards a career in this area. It covers carrying out a review of personal strengths, sources of information, advice and guidance and progression opportunities. Visiting scientists during science week Explicit connection of careers/employability skills and relevance in lesson planning
 5. Encounters with employers and employees / experience of workplacesWork Experience (currently a student from SEC at Stonebridge City Farm Café on weekly basis, and students from SEC working at local charity shops, Waterstones, library and in primary school as work experience tasters) SEC attendance at ‘Ignite’ careers in film, television and theatre workshops at Nottingham Playhouse
 7. Encounters with further and higher educationCollege Fairs College visits University neuroscience students involved with SEC lesson delivery SEC students Involvement in University of Nottingham and Institute of Mental Health scientific study
 8. Personal guidanceFutures: 1-1 and group support
Futures: Open door policy for all students
Interview support and mock interview with personalised feedback

How we measure and assess the impact of our careers programme on pupils

  • Student voice reviews (termly)
  • Site / SLT / SMT  meetings
  • Year 11 leaver destinations

Pupils, parents, teachers and employers may access information about the careers programme by contacting the Careers Leader:

Name: P A Fielding

email address:

school telephone number: 0115 9555410 (The Lookout Education Base)

The contents of this statement will be reviewed September 2020


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