Sherwood Outreach Provision

The Pathway of Provision

HHELC OUTREACH will enable pupils and students to transition between the different pathways so that both academic and social progress can be maintained. HHELC will work closely with home schools regarding transition across the pathways when appropriate.


Pathway One: (LA Statutory Provision)

One to one teaching generally based in the student’s home.

Pathway One is available for pupils and students, from KS1 and above, with a medical need and who are too poorly to attend their own school. The length of a student’s time receiving teaching at home is dependent on their individual needs. Teachers will always aim to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of individual students to ensure they make both educational and personal progress.


Every pupil or student will be allocated a Link Teacher. The young person may also be taught by other teachers, depending on subject specialisms. The Link Teacher will have overall responsibility for progress. Home learning consists of a total of five hours per week one to one teaching. This is generally delivered in three sessions per week at times agreed between HHELC and the family. If appropriate, sessions may take place outside of the learner’s home (in approved venues such as libraries or at our Sherwood base). Associated transport costs (where appropriate) are met by HHELC – this includes taxi, bus, tram.


Pathway Two:

The small group provision at the Sherwood Learning Centre is designed so that secondary students can work in a supportive and secure learning environment, taught by a range of qualified teachers. The Lead Teacher of the Sherwood Base will work with the Link Teacher to ensure continuity of provision.

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students, if their learning needs will be appropriately met, may be offered a place at the Sherwood Education Centre. The base can accommodate a maximum of fifteen students and is open for full time education. Sessions will be personalised around developmental need and subjects studied. The programme will be agreed with the Home School at the initial planning meeting.


The core curriculum is delivered by specialist teachers from across the three HHELC sites, dependent upon need. Learners follow individual programmes of work in line with their level of ability and personal circumstances. Arrangements are made for students to sit GCSE exams at the Sherwood Education Base. The aim is to achieve maximum accreditation for learners.


Emphasis is placed on raising self-esteem, self-confidence, social interaction as well as preparation for life. Careers Education is also provided including the development of employability characteristics. Young people are encouraged to take part in a range of activities within the community.


Pathway Three:

The Link Teacher will work with the pupil’s or student’s home school on a transition package to enable successful re-integration.

A pupil or student’s progress will be monitored and reviewed regularly, in conjunction with parents and the home school, so that depending on need, a student will be able to move from one pathway to another in a flexible way. Assessment may indicate that reintegration back to mainstream should now be considered. The Link Teacher, in conjunction with the home school and parents, will create a programme of activities so that reintegration back to mainstream education is successful.


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