Sherwood Education Centre and Home Education


The Home Education Team works with Head teachers, governors, teachers and support staff to provide continuity of education for children/young people whose health-related difficulties temporarily prevent them from attending their school. The Team also work with Health Professionals and any other agencies or professionals involved with the care of the young person.

Support provided by the Home Education Team enables schools/academies to fulfil their statutory obligation to ensure that children and young people receive suitable education whilst unable to attend for medical reasons.

Referrals for Home Education Support may be made by the school/academy and must be accompanied by a letter or report from a health professional describing the child/young person’s difficulties and confirming the recommendation for Home Education Support on health-related grounds.

Please contact for a copy of the Referral Form.
NB: Please note that this version revised April 2019 needs to be used for all new referrals

Depending on the educational need of the child/young person, they will be assigned a Home Education Teacher or Teachers who will support them on a 1:1 basis.

A bespoke curriculum is offered with the emphasis on the core curriculum and including SMSC/ICT/PSHE.

Objectives of the service

The Home Education Team works with schools, children, young people, their families and Health Professionals to maximize learners’ achievement and attainment.

The Home Education Team improve outcomes for children and young people with health-related needs by:

  • liaising closely with teaching staff at the school/academy to maintain curricular continuity as far as possible
  • designing and delivering individually tailored programs of work to meet the needs/circumstances of the child/young person
  • promoting the core values of the HHELC: honesty, empathy, responsibility, resilience, respect and kindness
  • building the self-confidence and self-esteem of learners
  • providing regular feedback to schools, parents/carers and Health Professionals regarding the child/young person’s progress – both academic and non-academic (social, emotional, learning and behavioural).
  • support the child/young person’s reintegration to school, as appropriate
  • prepare learners to take public examinations or alternative accreditation such as AIM Awards and Functional Skills, if appropriate
  • facilitate links with Futures/Colleges/Training providers for learners in Key Stage 4 to ensure a successful transition to post-16 provisions

This service will give you access to

  • well qualified, experienced teaching staff who will liaise closely with schools/academies
  • advice regarding initial referrals and ongoing support from the Home Education Coordinators
  • regular feedback from Health Professionals and other agencies involved with the learner, via half-termly review meetings where the need for further Home Education Support is reassessed. The Home Education Teacher/s will provide a report to show progress.

Please note that in order to deliver high quality Home Education support, curricular and other information will be required from the school and relevant agencies. In this respect, the school is required to nominate a contact (usually the SENCO, Deputy Head or HOY) to liaise with the Home Education Team and subject or class teachers to provide curricular information.

All Home Education staff have enhanced DBS clearance and are skilled in quickly establishing an excellent working relationship when working one to one with learners.

Direct referrals made by Health Professionals

(a) Recuperation following hospital treatment

In some cases, children and young people need a period of recuperation when they are discharged from hospital. If medical staff feel that the child/young person will not be fit to return to school for a period of at least 3 weeks, a direct referral for Home Education support may be made by the hospital.

(b) On occasion direct referrals for Home Education Support may be made by Health professionals such as Community Pediatricians, hospital consultants or CAMHS.

In such circumstances one of the Home Education Coordinators will contact school before setting up Home Education because of the cost implications to the school/academy.

Service Packages

One to One Home Education Teacher support

Home Education support typically consists of a total of 5 hours per week 1:1 teaching from a Home Education Teacher/s. This is generally delivered in 3 sessions per week at regular times as agreed with the family.

Wherever possible, sessions take place outside of the learner’s home in approved venues such as libraries. The aim is to support the learner to return to school as soon as their health allows. Steps towards reintegration are planned carefully in conjunction with school.

Which school is responsible for my child’s education?

Unless you are told otherwise, your child will be dual registered to HHELC. This means they are also still a pupil at their mainstream school and work will be supplied from the teachers there. Pupils normally return to their schools when medically well enough. Your child’s school will retain overall responsibility for their education but we do work together to ensure that your child is progressing and is safe and well.


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