Hospital and Home Education Examination Arrangements

Sherwood Learning Centre is our registered host centre for transferred candidates where we have secure storage in line with ICE regulations.

Hopewood Education Centre is deemed an alternative site.

For transferred candidates, AQA Exam papers are sent to The Lookout Education Centre via email. Other examination board papers are transported securely to The Lookout Education Centre from The Sherwood Education Centre. Completed papers are then brought back to Sherwood Education centre for despatch. Papers are only despatched from the registered centre.

The Lookout Education Centre can also be used as a ‘remote’ classroom: when this happens, HHELC staff contact the student’s home school and ask for the examination papers to be delivered to The Lookout Education Centre on the day of the exam and, if possible, for a staff member from the student’s home school to act as the invigilator. At the end of the exam, any papers are returned to the mainstream school.

When required, staff at The Lookout Education Centre will support the administration of examinations and arrange invigilation and examination rooms.

The Children’s Hospital School is an examination centre in its own right. The Children’s Hospital school can also act as a remote classroom.


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