The Nottingham Children’s Hospital School

Provision at Nottingham Children’s Hospital School

The Children’s Hospital School serves all paediatric wards of the 150+ bed Children’s Hospital at QMC. The CHS supports 7 main groups on 12 wards of the Children’s Hospital, each with discrete needs.

  • Oncology, childhood cancers in all its forms;
  • Neurology patients with brain injuries both medically and accidentally incurred;
  • Cystic Fibrosis and other respiratory conditions;
  • Patients recovering from all types of injuries and from surgery;
  • A variety of medical conditions including unexplained symptoms;
  • Acute episodes of Mental Ill Health;
  • Patients with Renal conditions, including those receiving regular Dialysis treatment.

Our sole purpose is to enrich the well-being of children and young people unable to attend school due to ill health, to inspire them to fulfil their educational aspirations, whilst being sensitive to their medical, health and emotional well being. Teaching at the Children’s Hospital School is available for 20 hours per week. The provision is open to children and young people with a school place from Early Years Foundation Stage 2 to 16+.

The Hospital School provides education support for around 70+ students each week. The pupils range in their educational needs from complex SEND to GCSE students of above average attainment. “A level” students are supported as appropriate. A small number of pupils are in hospital for one or two days, others have regular, repeated or extended stays because of the nature of their illness. Teaching takes place at bedside and in classrooms in the School Area, which has use of an outside space. One of the 12 paediatric wards has within it, a dedicated classroom. Teaching and learning is highly personalised and almost exclusively 1:1. The teaching team will liaise with the pupils’ Home Schools to ensure continuity and consistency of education wherever possible and appropriate, to the pupils’ needs.


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