Ducklings: The Charity of the Nottingham Children’s Hospital School was hatched in 2016, our purpose being to raise much needed funds to enhance the lives of our pupils and families who are admitted to hospital in any way we can. 

We have a small band of super supporters who work hard to raise the funds needed to continue in our mission and Ducklings have been able to provide much needed equipment- items including I-Pads, tablets and Kindles, food, clothing and toiletries. Often it is the smallest things that have the biggest impact for our hospital school community; some families arrive for a long day of treatment on public transport and then face the prospect of a long journey home. Ducklings can and will often organize a taxi, which is so welcome when families are exhausted. We are also able to meet the costs for families to enjoy treats whilst in hospital, to have the opportunity of days out between treatments, theatre visits, workshops and memory making family short breaks. Outdoor space and fresh air are vital for children and families who face a lengthy stay in hospital and lack of this basic need can have a detrimental effect on their mental health and wellbeing. We are very fortunate to have the use of a wonderful roof garden and Ducklings helps towards the upkeep and maintenance, ensuring that our families have a welcoming space to sit and enjoy whilst they are with us.