Secondary Pathways


The Secondary Pathways

Secondary Pathways is our small group provision for students in KS3 and 4 (Years 7 -11) who are unable to attend their own schools due to anxiety–related reasons – but who are able to work outside of their homes.  Prior to year 11 our intension is to transition them to a positive destination: This could be a college place, or apprenticeship or a mainstream school. This provision is based at Castle Road. Students are taught in a safe, friendly environment by a team of specialist Teachers and Teaching Assistants. They receive excellent pastoral support from skilled practitioners.

Students receive specialist teaching in English, Maths and Science as well as having the opportunity to study additional foundation subjects, SMSC, PSHE, RSE, Life skills, ICT and e-safety. Students working towards GCSEs may take their examinations on site. We also offer Functional Skills. Each student has an individual programme of work, tailored to their needs. Travel training is an important element of our curriculum, combined with off-site visits, which are part of our curriculum enrichment programme. A range of visits takes place over the year including to the theatre, art galleries, the local Community Orchard and tasters to local colleges.